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Since 2000, the firm Altearah has been manufacturing, designing and distributing the Altearah Bio brand of organic cosmetics.

The Altearah Bio range, consisting of 100% natural, organic essential oils, is designed for use by both well-being and beauty professionals (beauty institutes, spas, well-being centres, etc.) and individuals.

All our products are designed in Bellegarde, in the Gard department, in a Provençal farmhouse in the midst of an organic vineyard.

Our laboratory meets the highest standards of the organic cosmetics and well-being market and complies strictly with current legislation and manufacturing best practices.

The labels we have been awarded stand as guarantees of quality: Ecocert, One Voice, Slow Cosmétique and Sud de France.

Our CEO, Mrs. Shahida Siddique, is a passionate advocate of personal care and well-being and believes that if we are to live at peace with the world, we must first be in harmony with ourselves. That is the philosophy on which the Altearah Bio concept is founded: organic cosmetics for well-being, bringing pleasure to the senses and an all-pervading harmony.

Our Commitments 

The whole “raison d’être” of our products is respect for the human body, so all are made exclusively from natural, organically sourced products.

Altearah certifications 


The entire Altearah Bio range enjoys Ecocert certification, which lays down some of the strictest specifications for organic cosmetics.

In the same spirit of commitment, Altearah Bio has also obtained ONE VOICE certification, attesting that none of Altearah Bio’s cosmetics are tested on animals and all are free of any raw materials of animal origin.

The Altearah Bio brand also partners the Slow Cosmétique association and has been awarded the Slow Cosmétique label, which seeks to promote a natural, healthy and reasoned approach to consumption.

The Sud de France label is awarded, on the basis of strict criteria, in recognition of strong regional identity coupled with expertise, competitiveness and innovation.

As part of the firm’s ethos of respect for nature and humankind, Altearah Bio outsources the packaging of its products to a sheltered workshop or ESAT.

Lastly, our raw materials are sourced from within a radius of less than 200 kms wherever possible and, where this is not possible, through fair trade.

The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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