Altearah Bio Treatments

Altearah Bio treatments

Thanks to our experience and our unique approach to well-being through organic beauty, Altearah gives you the wherewithal to try out natural body treatments and new massages under our beauty institute treatment protocols, or at home using our products specifically designed for personal use.

Our structured incremental training programme is specially designed for cosmetics and well-being professionals. It covers everything from the initial steps towards expertise up through the various levels, so that professionals can offer natural organic body treatments using products of the highest quality along with natural body massages using novel techniques.

  • Traditional Body Treatments: Anti-Stress, Vitality, etc. 
  • The 5 Signature Massages, original creations by Altearah Bio. 

More information on the 2016 training programme

The Altearah Body Treatments: All our experience for your well-being.

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Altearah Bio® has many years’ experience of well-being and unique knowhow, all of which are central to the range and to the treatment protocols set out below:

  • Energy Express: A short protocol for a quick energy boost.
  • Oxygen: Breathe, find a place to just be, top up your oxygen levels.
  • Anti-stress: Find renewed serenity.
  • Vitality: Get the energy flowing around your body again.
  • Peaceful Night: Prepares you to fall easily into a restorative sleep.
  • Foot care: Legs feel lighter; you become more aware of your body.
  • Hand care: Restores skin glow, suppleness and softness. Repairs and strengthens nails.
  • Body scrubs and wraps: Cleanse and purify the body with a mini-detox.
  • Anti-cellulite: Promotes tissue exchange, anti-fibrotic, drains and remodels the silhouette.
  • Hips-Abdomen Reflexology treatment: Colour reflexology to unblock and stimulate organs.
  • Himalayan Salt Pouch treatment: Maintain peak physical and mental vitality.
  • Spring Energy treatment: Cleanse and purify the body, see the future through new eyes.

Benefits you can continue to enjoy at home thanks to our range of personal care products

The 5 Signature Massages

The 5 Signature Massages are original concepts devised by Altearah Bio to develop in depth specific actions targeting the physical, emotional and energy systems.

This course of 5 Signature Massages represents 5 body massages combining aromatherapy (essential oils) with chromotherapy, olfactotherapy and oleotherapy.

EMERALD MASSAGE – Oxygen and Liberty

Rediscover yourself, refresh the mind, regenerate your energy. Slow, relaxing, structuring rhythm and gestures.

Inspired by the lemniscate massage, its figure-of-8 movements and circular stretching


Relieve, unravel burdens and tensions, gather your strength, anchor yourself firmly. Side-lying massage by means of pressure on the meridians and the energy line.

Inspired by Chinese and Japanese energy techniques, particularly shiatsu

ORANGE MASSAGE – Sensuality, Creativity and Slimming

Awaken your senses; regain confidence, vitality and dynamism.
A revitalising, encompassing and sculpting massage.

Inspired by biodynamics and body-mind techniques.

TURQUOISE MASSAGE – Serenity and anti-stress

Let go; rediscover tranquillity, assurance and fluidity.

A meticulous all-over massage to drain, stretch and sculpt.

Inspired by ancestral Ayurvedic and Taoist techniques.

WHITE MASSAGE – Purify and Detox

Purify, regenerate body and mind, rediscover overall harmony.

A subtle massage gradually growing in intensity, with special emphasis on the head, upper body and extremities.

Inspired by the life-force energy centres, linked to the endocrine system


Signature massages

The following video illustrates some of the gestures making up the Signature massages, to soundtracks specially composed for each colour.

The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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