Altearah, Wholesale Supplier of Organic Cosmetics

Altearah, fournisseur producteur de cosmétiques bio

Are you looking for a new organic cosmetics brand for your beauty institute?

Or a supplier of organic professional treatment products?

Altearah offers a unique and distinctive concept involving organic cosmetics made in France, coupled with innovative training. Altearah Bio makes its expertise available to well-being professionals, spas and beauty institutes, in a spirit of partnership and mutual support.

A sensory and emotional treatment path like no other

  • A unique and distinctive concept: emotions in colours
  • A simple, relaxed approach to essential oils and their benefits
  • A holistic approach to body and mind
  • Personalised treatments for your clients
  • Comprehensive treatment protocols based on 15 years’ expertise
  • An in-cabin treatment range and a retail range for sale through your institute
  • High quality products certified organic by Ecocert and made in the South of France

Structured professional support

A simple, segmented and scalable commercial offering, with three levels of expertise:

  • Step 1 / Reconnection: 5 essential colours to nurture and balance the 5 essential emotions
  • Step 2 / Au dela Reconnection: 14 colours to thrive
  • Step 3 / Infinity: to explore and develop our full potential

Innovative training solutions

Altearah Bio offers training courses, devised and presented by its own professional teams, at several different levels.

From initiation to expertise, our modules address distinct skill areas (colours, treatment techniques, client expectations and personalised treatments)

Attractive, easily identifiable tools

Professionals are offered access to a variety of tools, from merchandising to sales aids, as well as those more specifically related to the treatments.

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The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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