The benefits of olfaction thanks to perfumes of care: the senses awake

The olfactotherapy is a treatment method that uses the smells and vibration of essential oils.


Thanks to our Organic Perfumes, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils with the gesture of olfaction.


Perfumes natural and active, the scents of care breathe is 3 to 5 times per day in a well-being ritual (different possibilities of use)

– Spray lightly in the pit of the neck, to give color to your day
– Spray 23 times in the Palm of your hands, rub your palms to evaporate the alcohol portion, place them near the face and breathe deeply.
– Spray widely all around you and let you wrap the benefits of olfaction.
The gesture for Olafction
The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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