What is an organic cosmetic?

Organic cosmetics have the same function hygiene and beautification as cosmetics from chemical industry, however their manufacturing rules differ in the use of natural raw materials from organic agriculture and the proscription of extracts animal origin and synthetic chemicals.

To be recognized as an organic cosmetic product, it must comply with rules of manufacture, composition of respondents and testing for existing charters and labels.

Several labels exist :

  • AB
  • BDIH
  • Cosmebio
  • Cosmo
  • Ecogarantie
  • Leaping Bunny
  • Nature & progrès cosmétique bio écologique

Each label has a set of different loads and more or less restrictive as to the composition of the products. They require a minimum percentage of components from natural or organic farming while others simply encourage the use of natural ingredients and components, but without giving a minimum.

In any event, in the majority of these labels meet three main requirements :

  • non-use of products derived from petrochemicals,
  • the use of natural ingredients,
  • a ban on animal experiments.

Altearah Bio is certified ECOCERT and One VOICE and always seeks to improve the composition of their products.

Since this year (2014), the majority of the composition of the range is increased to 100% Organic ingredients against 99% previously.

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The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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