White color : Purity

White color is Pure


WHITE is pure energy.

Our body and our mind are born clean and pure, but as we move through life, we accumulate various toxins: physical, intellectual or relational… We must help the body clear, purify and refresh itself. 

WHITE is the perfect colour: it protects and cleanses, it brings clarity and makes us more present. 


As universal colour, WHITE is an energy booster supports and protects.


Additional keywords

Purity, Transparency, Honesty, Clarification


Tea Tree, Cedar, Lavander, Sweet Orange

Main essential oil: Tea Tree 


  • Confusion: define the primary need
  • Purify and regenerate the body and mind
  • Clean pollution of all types


  • Travel or motion sickness
  • Jetlag
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling invaded
  • Phobia

For whom?

  • People who live in a toxic environment: energetic, electromagnetic, psychological and environmental pollution
  • People undergoing medical treatments
  • People going through life changes or situations that need clearing
  • People with a fear of crowds
  • People who lie
  • People who need to find their lost integrity

Skin benefits

  • Brightening
  • Vitalizing
  • Detoxifying

Body benefits

  • Easy jet lag
  • Make yourself accessible
  • Universal
  • Cleanses and revitalizes at every level

Emotional and energetic benefits

  • Brings integrity and honesty
  • Clarifies and helps being transparent
The colors act on the body's energies interact with the mind. As many colors as experienced, feelings and stories. With Altearah BIO I became valuable to my clients. Colors have embellished their lives and mine.


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