Audrey - Altearah

With a BTS in management accounting training and a BTS in management assistant in my pocket, I have been working for ALTEARAH for 3 years and am now an executive assistant.

My favorite product at ALTEARAH is the scrub

Contact me at: +33(0)4 66 04 07 07


Gael - Altearah

Coming from a family of farmers, since my childhood, I have been involved in the production of organic perfume.

In addition to my agricultural activities, I am responsible for production and purchasing. It is a pure pleasure to be in permanent contact with essential oils.

My favorite product?

Indigo scent to clarify ideas and see clearly. Essential for production schedules! 

Contact me at: +33(0)4 66 04 07 07 


Ingrid - Altearah

Coming from a Stylist and Modeler background, I developed my sensitivity to materials, colours and textures. My strong taste for sales led me to reorient myself towards a degree in business.

I joined Altearah in 2015 as a sales representative in charge of our professional partners in the South-East, North-West and French overseas departments and territories.

Since 2019, I have also been in charge of coordinating the marketing, sales and training departments.

Altearah is for me the extension of my way of approaching life with positivity and kindness.

My favorite product is the Purple care concentrate that has been with me since I started.

Contact me at : +33(0)4 66 04 26 42


Julien - Altearah

Initially a technical sales representative in goods and services for individuals and professionals, I reoriented my career towards digital and e-commerce professions in particular.

Lovers of the Cévennes and close to nature, convinced of the power of plants, joining Altearah has made sense since October 2018. 

I am in charge of digital tools and the web and I am in charge of the relationship with private clients.

I have a weakness for the colours Turquoise, Purple and Orange.

Contact me at: +33 (0)4 66 04 07 08


Ludivine - Altearah

I was very early on passionate about cosmetics, borrowing my mother's lipstick or my grandmother's varnish.

My master's degree in commerce naturally led me to companies related to beauty and well-being. My arrival at Altearah was obvious because the company fits perfectly with my organic, natural and caring lifestyle.

I love this combination of colours and essential oils. Caring for the beauty of body and mind, what a strong concept!

I take care of our professional partners in the South-West, North-East and Paris. 

Contact me at: +33(0)4 66 04 26 41


Martine et Jérémy - Altearah

After an atypical career, salesmen, postman, contractor, I have been working for 6 months at ALTEARAH as an order preparation and stock logistics manager.

You have to be responsive, organized and fast. Fortunately, I am helped by Martine who has been doing all the packaging for the last 2 years.

My favorite product at ALTEARAH is nutritious oil 

Martine prefers to use the sublime cream in duo with the serum 

Contact me at: +33(0)4 66 04 07 06


Sara - Altearah

After studying business and specializing in communication, my first experiences were oriented more towards new technologies and then I became interested in the world of well-being and natural cosmetics.

As an enthusiast and yoga teacher, my professional choices have naturally focused on companies that meet my life values. Altearah and yoga go very well together because for more than two years I have been using the scents of care regularly during my sessions; and observe the positive reception of this olfactory ritual captivates me.

Today I am in charge of all Export at ALTEARAH and Marketing.

My favorite product or rather my favorite products are perfumes and care concentrates. 

Contact me at: +33(0)4 66 04 26 40