Bellegarde - Camargue - Gard

Created in 2000, the French brand of organic aromatic cosmetics Altearah, designs and manufactures a range of wellness and body care products, based on an original concept combining the colours and beneficial ingredients of essential oils.

Born from a long experience in the world of health, well-being and beauty, Shahida Siddique discovers the existence of the brand and its beneficial virtues thanks to a friend and on a sudden impulse decides to offer her know-how and the distribution of the brand to her networks in the Middle East.

For more than 2 years, she became Altearah's ambassador before taking over the company in 2007.

A complete facelift of Altearah was then implemented with a new orientation that repositioned the brand towards a more upscale, more cosmetic market and a new concept based on colour emotions.

Production is carried out on site in Bellegarde in the Gard, with the aim of offering products that retain their purity and consistency.

Today Altearah occupies a prominent position on the French and European market with an increasingly important international development.

Shahida Siddique
President of Altearah

"Beauty is the result of well-being 
and well-being is to experience the beauty of life".