How to download images in zipped folders?

1/ Prerequisites

First of all, your computer must be equipped with a Winrar or 7zip decompressor.

Some machines are equipped, others are not. For those not equipped, I recommend 7zip, free software and open source.

You can download it here :

2/ Use of the system

Example of image folders to upload in your pro space: compressed files with 7zip

Depending on your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Lion...), you are asked for an action: open, save or cancel. Some do not ask you for anything and save your file directly in the download section of your computer. When you have a choice, click on "Save" or "Save as".

When you are in the "Download" folder or the folder where you saved the 7zip file, click on the file. A window appears offering you different choices. You will find the 7zip line that will open a sub-window with several possible actions. Choose "extract here", 7zip will unzip the folder in the same location.

That's it, all your photos appear, it's up to you!

If I haven't been clear enough or if it doesn't work properly for you, don't hesitate to contact me on +33(0)4 66 04 07 08 or by email: