The gift card is a dematerialized product which at the time of purchase is not subject to delivery charges. On the other hand, when it is used, shipping costs are applied in accordance with our current rates.

A gift card is unique and personal, it is valid only once and can only be used from a minimum purchase of 25€, excluding delivery costs.

Once the gift card has been purchased, you will receive the usual notification emails and you will find in your customer or guest area, a "Gift Voucher" section that will allow you to send it by email to the recipient of your choice. The recipient will receive a code to redeem on our e-shop.

In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us.



Bon cadeau 25€

Download (194.84k)

Bon cadeau 50€

Download (212.84k)

Bon cadeau 75€

Download (218.91k)

Bon cadeau 100€

Download (226.54k)

Gift voucher from 25 to 100€


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