Its 100% organic composition:

  • Green tea: rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, stimulates the metabolism.
  • Hibiscus: limits water retention and stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Green rooibos: rich in vitamin C and minerals, aids digestion and fights against digestive
  • disorders.
  • Mate: promotes the elimination of toxins, combats mental and physical fatigue.
  • Cardamon: tonic and mental stimulant.
  • Lemon essential oil: invigorating and energizing, aids digestion.
  • Essential oil and Orange peel: calms, soothes and mentally balances.

Savor the ‘Nouveau Départ’ tea as a multi-sensory complement to your detox experience.

Responsibly Produced & Made in France: its organic formula is Ecocert certified, without allergens, additives or GMOs. The tea bags are 100% biodegradable and made from sugar cane.

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"Nouveau Départ" Tea

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The first tea in the Altearah range, ‘Nouveau Départ’ is certified organic and composed of a synergy of plants that facilitate digestion, elimination and a New Beginning.

Inspired by the Altearah synergies of White - Pure and Indigo - Clarity, this tea encourages a physical and mental cleansing from within for a detoxified restart.

Each 'Nouveau Depart' tea box includes 20 sachets of 40g.

Instructions for use: Infuse the tea bag for 3 minutes in 80°C water.

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Green tea*, Hibiscus*, Green rooibos*, Mate*, Cardamom*, Lemon essential oil*, Orange essential oil*, Orange peel*

*from Organic Farming