Each colour represents an energetic benefit and has a corresponding emotion attached


Each product uses carefully selected essential oils for its physical and aromatic benefits


Each colour synergy uses the sense of smell as a gateway to our sensory system

Altearah, One Colour, One Emotion

One Colour, One Emotion: A Unique Approach

We have simplified the use of aromatherapy
and chromotherapy by formulating
14 ready-to-use combinations of essential oils.
Each synergy representing a unique colour and a promise of emotional well-being.

Find your Colour

At Altearah, our Intuition is that the colour that first attracts your attention reflects the synergy that your mind and body are craving at this moment.

What's your colour?

Do none of these 14 colours appeal to you?
Make your choice by picking an associated emotion!

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Altearah emerald

Altearah royal purple

Altearah white

Altearah orange

Altearah turquoise

Altearah green

Altearah red

Altearah indigo

Altearah gold

Altearah blue

Altearah yellow

Altearah pink

Altearah purple

Altearah silver

Made in France and Ethically Engaged

Summer Colours

Altearah's summer colours

Altearah's summer