Our range ethically and innovatively combines natural ingredients to create 14 unique and colour-coded synergies of essential oils : each a promise of emotional well-being.



Colours around us

The effect of colours

Colours accompany us throughout our lives: we receive and use colour spontaneously, naturally, and instinctively from an early age. Without our being aware of it, colours are the universal language that we all practice every day: they support us, they accent our life experiences and they influence our moods. Colours directly resonate with our emotions, our feelings, our memories and are an integral part of our lives, manifest in our choices and surroundings.


The source of our well-being

Considered as a powerful and universal meeting point for our relationship with ourselves, emotions act as a vector of information, communicating how we feel daily. Whether they manifest themselves mentally, physiologically or at the skin level, emotions are a direct reflection of our well-being and beauty. When left repressed or poorly digested, emotions can prevent us from learning, taking action, and achieving our full potential. Meanwhile, when they are identified, accepted, and welcomed, they free us from constraints, and help us to live a fulfilled and joyful life. By reconnecting to our emotions, we embark on a journey towards positivity and wellness of the body and mind.

Altearah Bio is your solution from nature to feel good.

In a unique concept combining chromotherapy, aromatherapy and olfactotherapy, Altearah products act at the source of your skin, beauty and wellness concerns - at the heart of your emotions.

Leveraging a combination of active ingredients, essential oils and colours, Altearah offers you a multi-sensory experience and an inner journey to the heart of your emotions to direct your life towards positivity and well-being.

At Altearah, we are convinced that the key to wellness can be found within you: your emotions are the key.


The Power of Colours

Altearah uses 14 colours to open the door to your emotions in order to welcome and embrace positivity. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and discover your need for the moment by choosing the colour that draws your attention first.

Our 14 Colours


The Essential Oils

Altearah simplifies the use of essential oils by carefully crafting synergies that harmonize and elevate each other. Each Altearah colour contains a subtle balance of plant extracts that form the active base of our products. Every essential oil we use is chosen for its benefits, quality and traceability.

Our ingredients


The Strength of Scent

Our sense of smell is a bridge between our emotional and physical experiences. With the 14 Altearah synergies of essential oils, Altearah takes you on an olfactive journey towards relaxation and emotional wellness, to anchor you to positivity.

Our Parfums de Soin

The Altearah Olfactive Ritual

The Olfactive Ritual is the flagship sensory moment of Altearah: a meditative moment that invites you to connect to your chosen colour, the essential oil synergy, the specific emotion, and with yourself. Spray your chosen Parfum de Soin in the palms of your hands 2 to 3 times, rub your hands together until they are dry, and then place them in front of your face and breathe in deeply 3 times with your eyes closed. Or, lightly spray the hollow of your neck to bring a chosen emotion to your day.