Intense nutrition for all skin types

Women, men, children, future mothers

A true Oleotherapy treatment, nutritive oil can be used as a massage oil, a moisturizing oil or to take care of the skin after exposure to the sun.

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin and for the whole family: men, women, expectant mothers and children.

An oil for the whole family!

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Its assets:

Sesame rich in antioxidants (ideal for fighting skin ageing), regenerating, softening.

Apricot: illuminating, regenerating, revitalizing

Baobab: softening, repairing, nourishing

Sunflower: softening, cutaneous, calming, regenerating

Moringa: softening, soothing, emollient, nourishing

Callophylleinophyll: purifying, repairing, tonic

Calendula: the ideal for sensitive skin, soothing, revitalizing