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Emerald – Oxygen Concentrate Roll-On 5ml: to breathe gain, to find my oxygen, to feel renewed. The essential oils and the colour of this fresh and oxygenating roll-on bring a wind of freedom and feeling of grounding. To be applied locally on the rib cage area and chest, in a routine for 2 to 3 weeks.

Green – Freshness Parfum de Soin 30ml: calls me to a new breath, a renewed start, to feel free. The essential oils and the colour of this fresh and lemony fragrance encourage spontaneity and to open oneself up to optimism. Spray the Parfum de Soin 3 times in your palms, rub your hands together until they are dry and breathe deeply several times. Repeat several times a day, as soon as the need arises, for immediate well-being.

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Wellness Kit: Freshness of Spring

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This Freshness of Spring Kit is composed of one Emerald – Oxygen Concentrate Roll-On and one Green – Freshness Parfum de Soin.  

This duo oxygenates our body and refreshes our mind, we feel hopeful and are open to welcoming change, adaptation and new beginnings with optimism.

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