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TurquoiseSerenity Parfum de Soin 30ml: to protect oneself from stress, promote relaxation, and to encourage letting go. The essential oils and the colour of this synergy and refreshing fragrance bring total tranquility to the body and mind. To be applied all over the body in the mornings and/or evenings. 

Blue – Peace Huile de Soin 100ml: to re-discover calmness, facilitate listening and speaking and to welcome self-expression. The essential oils and the colour of this fresh and lemony dry oil bring an immediate feeling of peace.  Spray the Parfum de Soin 3 times in your palms, rub your hands together until they are dry and breathe deeply several times. Repeat several times a day, as soon as the need arises, for immediate well-being. 

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Wellness kit: Emotions of Summer

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This Emotions of Summer Kit is composed of one Turquoise – Serenity Parfum de Soin and one Blue – Peace Huile de Soin. This duo encourages us to express our thoughts and feelings in a communicative way, we are ready to let go of stresses, find our mental peace and discover an inner calm. 

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